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Tributes to Fictional Favorites: Custom Wedding Table Illustrations

These illustrations were all custom for my wedding reception tables, featuring my and my husband’s favorite fictional characters from a variety of media (children’s books, TV shows, video games, etc).¬†Original pieces as well as reprints are available for purchase – email me at for more information.

Here’s the list:

1) My original characters – Pacifica and Phantom

2) Books read cover-to-cover as kids – Dragonlance, The Arabian Nights

3) Favorite children’s book – The Little Prince, The Hardy Boys

4) Favorite superhero – Batman, Nightwing

5) Favorite video game villain – Prinny Baal, Kefka

6) Favorite Star Trek captain – Captain Sisko, Captain Picard

7) Favorite interdimensional omnipotent being: Forrest Kaysen, Q

8) First anime – Sailor Moon, Ranma 1/2

All work is in ink on bristol. 2013.