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The Comic Panel Wall

In my senior year of college at UMass Amherst, I was living in Sylvan, which was famously known for:

1) Having half-decent single rooms (no roomates!)

2) Resembling a prison in every imaginable way

When I happily got my own room in my last year of studies, I soon realized that my plain white walls were going to make me crazy unless I did something about it. I noticed that all the cinderblocks were pretty much square, and for some reason I thought that I could make my wall look like a giant comic book page. Originally I started thinking I’d have a plot that continued along the wall, but soon gave up on that – it was a lot more fun to have each panel (or set of panels) do its own thing, creating a big noisy colorful lovely collage.  It was incredibly fun to work on and — I guess like a woman POSSESSED! — it honestly didn’t take more than a few weeks to complete, as I did several panels a day.

Some of the panels were portraits, scenes from stories, tributes, or just random song lyrics I felt like illustrating. Whatever tickled my fancy at the time.

Click through the images to see the progress of how this went up and a few close-ups on panels of note.

Prismacolor marker, Sharpie, and pen. 2005.