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A red tree, dead girl, and a mad wild dog

A red tree, dead girl, and a mad wild dog: Deadly Premonition tribute

A red tree, dead girl, and a mad wild dog. Welcome to Greenvale.

This is a Deadly Premonition tribute I created specifically for the Rising Star Games contest. Deadly Premonition is one of the neatest games I’ve seen in ages – my fiance and I bonded over it when we were just dating and just loved discovering the secrets of the story. Really looking forward to playing the new version coming out soon.

The inspiration for this fanart is specifically the very eerie part of the game where Agent York follows Anna’s ghost around Greenvale at night. The town is asleep, the purple fog is out, and there are little fairy lights in the trees. And then… the giant deadly dogs come out of nowhere. Terrifying.

I should probably upload the process for this as it was multi-faceted and I really enjoyed it – started with pencil sketches, then brush ink on marker paper, marker (Copics and Chartpak), and then some final CG effects.